10 schemes proposed to reduce congestion in Harrogate
Last updated Sep 10, 2023
Several proposals affect Cold Bath Road.

North Yorkshire Council announced 10 proposals this week to reduce congestion and make streets safer in the west of Harrogate.

The schemes, which would cost a total of £585,000, revolve around the Otley Road area, where just one of three planned phases of a cycle path has been completed.

Work is unlikely to begin until the 2024/25 financial year.

The 10 proposals were overshadowed by the same day announcement of a 20mph zone covering seven schools in Pannal Ash and Oatlands.

But if adopted, the schemes would have a considerable impact on the streets in one of the most congested parts of Harrogate.

The council’s Harrogate and Knaresborough area constituency committee is due to discuss the proposals at a meeting on Thursday.

Here are the proposals.

1 Signal upgrade at Cold Bath Road / Otley Road / Arthurs Avenue junction

Cost: £200,000

Signal equipment will be upgraded to link with signals at Pannal Ash Road Junction. Some kerb lines could be amended to make the footpaths wider. The aims is to improve traffic movement and congestion between the two signalised junctions.

2 Bus stop improvements on Otley Road corridor

Cost: £50,000

Bus stops will be relocated “to reflect current services”. Kerbs and signs will be improved in a move the council says will “improve facilities and accessibility around bus stops along Otley Road to reflect latest changes to bus services in the area”.

3 Extending the 20mph limit on Cold Bath Road to the junction with Otley Road and on surrounding roads

Cost: £100,000

Traffic calming measures will also include “formalising parking arrangements and installation of double yellow lines” to “reduce speed and enhance the local environment to bring the area forward as a pleasant place to walk, wheel and cycle”.

4 Improve the pedestrian crossing outside Falcon Chiropractic on Cold Bath Road

The crossing due to be upgraded

Cost £5,000

The signals cabinet will be relocated to the opposite side of the road where the pavement is wider. A raised table will also be introduced to calm traffic. Cycle storage and refuse bin will also be relocated “to improve accessibility around the pedestrian crossing that is currently blocked by other infrastructure placed on the highway”.

5 Improve the crossing between the public right of way on Green Lane and Ashville College

Cost: £10,000

A build-out crossing will be installed to improve visibility emerging from the public right of way and to slow traffic at the uncontrolled crossing point. The scheme will “improve visibility for pedestrians and cyclists emerging from the bridleway”.

6 Install an uncontrolled crossing point near Western Primary School

Cost: £10,000

A ‘build-out’ uncontrolled crossing point will be installed outside the school. Some parking bays could be amended and the double yellow lines extended “to provide a safer place to cross near the school in addition to providing some minor traffic calming and preventing illegal parking at the junction”.

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7 Review cycle route signs

Cost: £25,000

Review and improve signing of the cycle routes across Harrogate “to improve awareness of cycle routes across the network in Harrogate”.

8 20mph zone outside Harrogate Grammar School on Arthurs Avenue.

Cost: £25,000

The zone will incorporate Cundall Way, Southway, Grasmere Crescent, Rossett Way, Arthurs Close, Arthurs Grove, Richmond Avenue, Richmond Road, Richmond Close and Richmond Holt to enhance the environment and make streets feel safer.

9 New cycle parking and improved public realm on Cold Bath Road

Cost: £10,000

Introduce a parklet by extending the pavements to provide more space for cycle parking or for people to rest.

10 Improvements to Nursery Lane to allow cyclists to use as an off-road leisure route

Cost: £100,000

The lane could become a cycle track to provide additional off-road infrastructure for cyclists. However, third party land would be required.