20 parents protest against covid vaccine for children at St Aidan’s


Last updated Sep 16, 2021
The protestors met on Oatlands Drive at 10.30am this morning

Around 20 parents linked arms outside St Aidan’s Church of England High School today to protest against giving children aged 12-15 the covid vaccine.

Children will be able to get their first shot of the vaccine from next week, the government has confirmed.

It follows advice from all four of the UK’s chief medical officers, who said offering vaccinations to children would reduce disruption in schools.

Evidence suggests a single dose cuts the risk of catching covid by around 55%. However, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, which advises the government, recommended not vaccinating children on health grounds alone.

One parent at the protest today said she disagreed with the government’s decision not to follow the JVCI’s recommendation. The woman accused the government of “brainwashing” children to take the jab.

She said:

“We are concerned for our children.”

Another protestor added:

“Our hearts are broken.

“We maintain the vaccinations are nothing to do with health”.

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Groups of curious sixth formers stood outside their classrooms to watch, and some approached the protestors to ask why they were there. Two police officers also attended the scene.

Afterwards, the Stray Ferret was contacted by mother Charlotte Castle, who has a child in the sixth form at St Aidan’s. She said she was “furious” at the protestors, who she called “idiots”.

She added:

“The arrogance that these parents know more than 99.9% of world’s viralogists. These people live in echo chambers. They are misinformed.”

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The covid rate in the district now stands at 455 infections per 100,000 people, this has fallen from 483 yesterday.

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