50 Harrogate sewers make 7,500 masks
Last updated Jul 9, 2020

Whilst face masks are only compulsory in Hospitals and on public transport, many companies around the borough are asking staff to wear them, as they start to re-open in a COVID-secure way.

Face Mask Supply, a local company which is made up of 50 sewers, has provided 7,500 masks in a month.

£1 of each sale goes to Harrogate Hospital, with the aim of raising around £5000.

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Woman wearing a face mask

Cal Macpherson started the company, he told the Stray Ferret that the local spirit has been amazing:

“The story started when my grandparents felt uncomfortable leaving their house without suitable protection and couldn’t get hold of a great quality face covering. I got in touch with a local sewer who agreed to make a couple of masks for each of them, and included a third layer filter pocket to add a little more protection and to put their minds at ease!

They are now also offering personalised masks, allowing businesses or residents to get there logo or name written on the front. Cal said that this is an “effective and stylish solution for current times.”

The team are continuing to expand at a time when life starts to resume to a ‘new normal.’






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