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With a monthly audience exceeding 2.5 million page views and more than 40,000 followers across social platforms, we're committed to exceptional journalism, community engagement and supporting local businesses. By advertising on our channels  you will get your business messages across to a huge, local audience. 

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About our readers 

We have a huge etablished audience with impressive regional attention that your business could be missing out on – but that’s where advertising with us could help spread your message further.

  • Great reach

    With a 2.5 million page views across Harrogate, Ripon, Knaresborough, Boroughbridge, Patelely Bridge and beyond we have huge local reach. 

  • Male and Female 

    Our large demographic isn’t just geographical either; with a nearly 50/50 split between male and female readers.

  • Diverse

    We attract and an age range between 25-65+ years old: a diverse audience.

  • Receptive

    Highly receptive and engaged group: contributing an impressive average 2.5 million page views across the site per month

  • Engaged 

    Our readers interact with us across our social channels – our Facebook page alone has a reach of 500,000 a week.

  • Dedicated

    Our weekly newsletter is also a key source of outreach – there’s currently 6,000 subscribers, with the number steadily growing year on year.

Display Advertising

Looking to give your business a boost by getting key messages in front of new eyes or reminding old ones? Display ads offer an eye-catching representation of your brand, to a relevant audience.

  • Leaderboard ads

    An impactful slot at the top of every page

  • Half page

    A tall rectangle positioned on desktop throughout the site

  • Box ads

    A sizeable box positioned throughout our site

Other advertising

  • Advertorial Features

    Advertorial features are a great way to get your message across to readers in an engaging, digestible and editorial format. They are brilliant explainers!

    Don't know how to get your key messages across to attract new business?

    Our team of dedicated journalists help craft copy in the right tone to attract attention for your business.

    Advertorials are brilliant at helping readers to understand more about you, help them to get to know you better and ultimately help build a relationship for them to buy.

  • Vouchers

    Vouchers promote a product, service or experience, and incentivise readers to capitalise on the discounts offered.

    If marketing budget is limited but you want to get your business out there then vouchers are an excellent way to do this.

    You provide a great offer for our readers and the revenue we generate can be used by you to advertise your business.

  • Competitions

    Competitions and giveaways naturally bring a sense of excitement, and having a platform to promote your prize is beneficial.

    Everyone loves to win something.

    Competitions are great for launches of products or services and are a quick way to raise the profile of the product, event or service you wish to promote.

  • Social Media

    Social media is quickly outperforming Google for search results so ensuring you promote yourself on a trusted social channel with incredible reach should not be underestimated.

    Businesses who use our engaged social channels to help promote their product, event or service benefit from our extensive reach.

    With a reach of 500,000 a week on Meta, we can help put you in front of a social savvy audience.

We have a number of options available which don't break the bank but deliver amazing results. Give us a call to find out how we can help your business get the exposure it needs, OR, fill out the form below.

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