ASE Computers disaster planning ‘invaluable’ for clients
Last updated Jul 7, 2023

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Nobody likes to think about worst-case scenarios. But from a business perspective, planning for disaster isn’t just a good thing to do if you have the time. 

It’s an absolutely vital measure to protect the future of your business – and failing to do so could be catastrophic. 

One man who knows all about the importance of disaster planning is Chris Dickinson. 

Running IT sales and services company ASE Computers for almost 30 years, he has seen plenty of disasters in other businesses and has done more than his fair share of work to fix them. 

However, he says, some simple planning could save a lot of pain and cost if the worst should happen.  

Chris said: 

“When people go into business, they tend to focus on the positives – they don’t consider what might happen if things go wrong. 

“But it can happen so easily. A simple mistake or a fault can kick of a chain of events that lead a business into real trouble.” 

While most people don’t know where to start when it comes to planning for a potential disaster, Chris has a thorough approach to ensuring every possibility is considered.  

He begins with a series of questions: 

“What happens if your IT systems go down? Or your phones or internet supply? What if you can’t access your bank account?

“Is your data secure? What happens if it comes under attack or you lose access to it?

“If you can’t use your office because of a flood or a fire, what then? What if a key person is suddenly unable to work for any reason? 

“If something goes wrong, is there a system in place for reporting it and dealing with it? Who’s in charge? Who takes responsibility for what?

“All these sorts of questions really do need to be asked if you’re to protect yourself from the worst-case scenario.”

Disaster planning for payroll clients with 90% digital process

For one of ASE’s clients, putting in place a disaster plan has proved invaluable. 

Pay Me asked Chris and his team to do some research into the company’s IT infrastructure and produce a disaster recovery document. 

The firm offers payroll for companies around the UK, a process which is 90% digital. 

Once the review was complete, the ASE team put together a series of recommendations, explaining how each would benefit Pay Me and assist if the worst should happen. 

Once the IT system was in place, other aspects were considered: phones and internet, as well as staff responsibilities and hierarchy.  

The disaster recovery plan was put to Pay Me’s board for the final sign-off, which they were happy to do. 

Not only did it mean peace of mind for everyone from the directors down to the staff, it could also be used for Pay Me’s insurers. ASE produced an executive summary of the plan to demonstrate how prepared the company was for any eventuality.  

Chris said: 

“It might seem like a luxury to have a thorough disaster recovery plan, but if the worst should happen, you need to be prepared.

“The arrival of the covid pandemic and the need for everyone to stay at home shows just how quickly something can happen that affects how you operate.

“Companies with an effective plan were able to put actions in place quickly, getting their team members up and running at home, and therefore minimising any losses to the business in terms of productivity.

“While we hope we never have to face that kind of situation again, having a disaster recovery plan in place is absolutely vital to protect you from any eventuality.”


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