Tamsin O'Brien

Tamsin O'Brien


Tamsin worked for BBC News for 20 years. She was the former Head of BBC Yorkshire and the North West of England. As a radio and TV journalist and Editor she covered major events such as the Hillsborough Tragedy, the 7/7 Bombings and the trial of Harold Shipman. Tamsin has lived in the Harrogate area for the past 15 years.


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The project is titled Beyond Nature. Plots will be rented out to young farmers and anyone under 40 with an interest in farm ownership.


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Ripon saint’s parade couldn’t go marching in

Ripon saint’s parade couldn’t go marching in

A sunny Saturday would, in normal years, have been perfect for Ripon’s St Wilfrid’s Day procession, but the coronavirus crisis, which has brought a temporary halt to mass participation events, meant that celebrations had to be scaled down.