Bilton Grange remains a ‘good’ school, says Ofsted
Last updated Nov 17, 2023
Pupils at Bilton Grange Primary School.

Bilton Grange Primary School in Harrogate has retained its ‘good’ rating by Ofsted.

The findings were published in a report on Thursday, following an inspection in October.

It comes after the school was rated ‘good’ in 2018. Ofsted carries out short routine inspections every four years to confirm schools previously assessed as ‘good’ have maintained standards.

Government inspectors said the school, which is part of the Yorkshire Collaborative Academy Trust, is a “very happy place to learn” and found “pupils are proud to be themselves”.

The report added:

“The school has established a curriculum that helps pupils to secure a deep knowledge of the subjects that they encounter.

“Leaders have established an extra-curricular offer that significantly enriches pupils’ learning.

“Learning is brought to life by visits and trips, as well as the clubs on offer. Many pupils attend the exceptional school choir. They enjoy the frequent opportunities to rehearse and perform. Pupils participate with pride and enthusiasm.”

Behaviour is exemplary, inspectors added, and said the school, which has 315 pupils, gives children the right support when they struggle to manage their behaviour.

The report also said, “pupils recognise the importance of their learning, so lessons are calm and focused”, adding that children “understand what they learn now will support them in the future”.

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The inspectors found:

“Pupils understand differences and know that everyone deserves to be respected. One pupil summed this up saying, ‘we are a respectful community here.’

“Pupils talk with maturity about issues such as healthy relationships and consent.

“They are well prepared for their future lives.”

The report also said pupils receive expert guidance from teachers across a range of subjects, adding:

“Pupils find this learning absorbing.  As a result, their knowledge is impressive.

“Children in early years get off to a flying start with phonics. They use their secure knowledge of phonics to become confident readers.”

Inspectors also noted pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) “learn the same ambitious curriculum as their peers”, and said adults “work to remove any barriers that pupils might face to their learning”.

Pupils with SEND flourish because of this support, the report added.

The report also praised those responsible for governance for being “extremely knowledgeable about the school”, and said “the trust and the school deliver highly effective support and professional development for staff at all levels”.

It did not include any areas of improvement for the school to work on.

Ofsted also said, if a graded inspection was carried out now, the evidence gathered suggests it might be rated ‘outstanding’.

‘We are thrilled’

Sian James.

In response to the report, Sian James, headteacher of Bilton Grange Primary School, said:

“The report captures everything about Bilton Grange Primary School that we are so very proud of.
“Everything we do at Bilton Grange has the children’s best interests at heart and we are thrilled this ethos was encapsulated throughout the inspection.
“Our success is because of the dedication and talents of everyone who works at Bilton Grange, alongside the fantastic support we receive from our Academy Trust, YCAT, and the positive relationships we have we our parents, carers and of course our amazing children.”

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