Business case to be drawn up for Knaresborough road train
Jan 12, 2023
Knaresborough road train
Knaresborough pic by Chapman Chow/Unsplash

A business plan is to be drawn up for introducing a road train in Knaresborough.

The steep slope between the town centre and the river can deter people from visiting both locations. Some visitors who walk along Waterside are not even aware of the town centre, and vice versa.

A road train and cliff lift have both been suggested as solutions.

Now Knaresborough Chamber of Trade and Commerce and Knaresborough Town Council have agreed to work together to build a business case for a road train.

The train would probably run from Conyngham Hall car park to York Place car park, which would also ease pressure on town centre parking.

Peter Lacey, an executive member of the chamber, said:

“It’s a serious proposition. We will do a robust assessment of the business case then conduct an appraisal on how to deliver it.

“We could have a trial and perhaps even hire one for a week over summer.”

Mr Lacey said the service could be provided by a private company, the town council or by a not-for-profit local company set up specifically for the purpose.

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He added he regarded a road train as complementary to a cliff lift rather than an alternative.

A cliff lift, he said, would be an “iconic piece of architecture and major project that took a long time to deliver” whereas a train would be more functional and deliverable quickly.

Mr Lacey said a second-hand road train similar to the Candy Cane Express that carried Christmas visitors around Harrogate would cost about £150,000.

But he said there was also the possibility of exploring a more expensive electric train similar to a large golf buggy and both ideas are would be investigated.