Calls for ‘dangerous’ Starbeck junction to be improved


Last updated Jul 1, 2021
A car that was involved in a collision yesterday at a problem junction in Starbeck

A Starbeck councillor has called for a notorious junction to be made safer following a car crash on Wednesday.

The collision occurred when a car pulled out of The Avenue onto Starbeck High Street at around midday. Two men were taken to hospital but their injuries are not thought to be serious.

A police officer at the scene told the Stray Ferret collisions are common at the junction due to visibility issues. Cars often park in the lay-by next to the junction and a tree also obscures the view for motorists pulling out.

Liberal Democrat councillor Philip Broadbank, who has represented the area for over 40 years, called on North Yorkshire County Council‘s highways department to take a look at the junction to make it safer.

He said residents in more than 350 homes frequently used The Avenue to get onto the high street.

Cllr Broadbank told the Stray Ferret:

“It’s a problem for people trying to get out as it’s difficult to see. Vision is a problem and it’s dangerous.

“We need to look at the lay-by issue.”

He said there have previously been calls to add traffic lights “but there are enough traffic lights down there”.

He added:

“Its a problem as people get frustrated trying to inch out.”

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Several Stray Ferret readers responded to Wednesday’s story to say the junction was unsafe.

One said:

“Turning out of and into The Avenue is a nightmare. Visibility down toward the level crossing is terrible so you have to edge out.”

Another said:

“The trees need cutting on that junction, you can’t see to go there!”.

Don Mackenzie, executive member for access at North Yorkshire County Council, which is the highways authority, said:

“We take our road safety responsibilities seriously and will always act should there be a need to do so.

“In this instance, we await details of the incident from the police, but are unaware of particular safety issues with this junction.

“Care should always be taken when exiting from a side road on to a main road which is always very busy.”

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