Campaigners protest against Harrogate Spring Water’s Pinewoods plans


Apr 19, 2021
The protest took place at Valley Gardens yesterday

Campaigners gathered at Valley Gardens yesterday to protest against Harrogate Spring Water’s expansion into the Pinewoods.

It was organised by Harrogate & District Green Party who had members on hand to provide information to the public about the proposals alongside activities for children and live musicians.

Harrogate Spring Water, which is now owned by multinational firm Danone, was granted outline planning permission in 2017 to expand into Rotary Wood in the Pinewoods.

Danone recently bid to vary the terms of this by increasing the size of the bottling plant even further into the woodlands. Harrogate’s planning committee rejected the proposal in January after almost 400 people objected.

Many objectors were jubilant at the outcome but the original outline permission in 2017 still applies. 

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A Green Party spokesperson said:

“We were able to inform people of the proposals and how to object to the Danone/ Harrogate Spring Water compensation plans and highlight the tragic potential loss of woodland habitat in our community. 

“Many people don’t realise the planning application could still go ahead – and we feel strongly they should be able to understand the process and the potential outcomes – and importantly make their voices heard.

“It was fantastic to see so many people enjoy the weather, and families and children get involved with learning more about nature and share how they feel about trees. The community came out together to share the goal of saving our trees and highlighting the plight of Rotary Wood.”

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