Campaigners vow to fight on to save Kirkby Malzeard pub
Dec 23, 2021
Campaigners to save the Henry Jenkins pub in Kirkby Malzeard, who were in Harrogate yesterday.
Campaigners to save the Henry Jenkins pub in Kirkby Malzeard.

Campaigners battling to save a historic Harrogate district pub from redevelopment have vowed to fight on despite suffering another significant setback.

The Henry Jenkins Inn at Kirkby Malzeard near Ripon dates back to the 18th century but has been closed for the last decade.

This has been much to the frustration of members of the Henry Jenkins Community Pub group who have raised £237,000 with hopes of running the pub as a community-owned venue.

They have made several attempts to buy the building and reinstate its protected status, all so far without success. Their latest setback came last month when Harrogate Borough Council rejected a third application for an Asset of Community Value (ACV) nomination.

Determined to continue their campaign, pub group chairman Richard Sadler said residents believe the case to reopen the Henry Jenkins is “stronger than ever” and that they are now planning their next move to submit a fourth ACV application.

He said: 

“The pandemic has taught us that community hubs – places where local people can meet up, socialise and make friends or do business – are more important than ever.

“Our legal advisers have scrutinised the official report justifying the council’s decision and found contradictions and inconsistencies.

“We can’t appeal against the decision but we’re entitled to reapply – and we believe there is a very strong case for doing so.

“It’s ridiculous that we have laws and planning policies to protect community facilities – yet the local authority that’s supposed to be helping us is still siding with a private developer.”

If approved, the ACV status would mean part of the pub is protected from a change of use or demolition and has to be considered for community bids.

But following the latest refusal, it will now remain in the ownership of developers who have planning permission to redevelop the pub which is steeped in history.

The Henry Jenkins pictured when it closed in 2011. Photo: Google.

The Henry Jenkins pictured when it closed in 2011. Photo: Google.

The Henry Jenkins is one of the oldest inns in the Harrogate district and named after the Yorkshire super-centenarian that legend states lived to be 169-years-old.

The pub was first granted ACV status in 2017 but was then delisted by the council after it was partly sold to the developer.

Mr Salder said this decision made “no sense” and that the campaign group are now also considering making a request for the council to carry out a compulsory purchase order on the building.

He said: 

“It is within the council’s powers to restore the Asset of Community Value listing and if we can get the whole pub put back the ACV, that will put us in a much stronger position – because the owners will be forced to reconsider community bids.

“Our members have been helping support vulnerable people during the pandemic and several are working as volunteers at local vaccination centres.

“So we are already active in the community – but we have exciting plans to engage more supporters and increase our profile as we step up the campaign.”