Can you help solve the mystery of the Ripon mural?
Last updated Feb 23, 2024
The mural at Holy Trinity Infant School.

A school in Ripon is trying to solve a mystery after discovering a mosaic wall mural dating back 50 years.

Staff at Holy Trinity Infant School found a newspaper clipping shared on social media that showed the artwork and revealed it was made by Ripon College students in 1974.

The mosaic was hidden beneath a cloth for years. When teachers finally removed it this year, they discovered the mural was still there.

Now they are trying to trace the Ripon College students who created it. They would have been aged about 20 when they designed the artwork, meaning many will now be parents and even grandparents.

The school called on the help of Stray Ferret readers to investigate.

Deputy headteacher Amanda Bell-Walker and the pupil governors at the infant site are leading the investigation. Pupil governors are groups of children who meet once a week to share their ‘pupil voice’.

Both the infant and junior school have these groups and Ms Bell-Walker leads the infant governors made up of Ethan, Darcie, Nancy, Archie, Jenny, Fenn, Holly and Parker.

She said:

“We would love to know why they designed and made the mural and ask them if they could help us to better understand the image on the mural. We’d love it they could help us to make some new mosaics.

“The children, staff and visitors all have very different ideas about the mural. Some really like it and some find it a bit old-fashioned. We are very proud of it as a part of our history regardless of whether we all like it.”

The Holy Trinity infant school pupil governors and the Ripon Gazette newspaper clipping showing the artists behind the mural in 1974.

The artwork will now be preserved for future generations to enjoy. Ms Bell-Walker added:

“It is a very big part of our school hall and will stay where it is. We would love it if someone could help us to brighten it up after all these years.”

If anyone recognises the people in the photo they can contact Mrs Bell-Walker here.

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