Cat from Scotland hitches a ride to Great Yorkshire Show and goes missing


Jul 19, 2021
Puss, the missing cat.

An intrepid cat from Scotland sneaked inside the sheep trailer of a farmer visiting the Great Yorkshire Show — but escaped and is now missing on the showground site.

David Mitchell, who was showing sheep at the show, arrived in Harrogate on Wednesday after driving over 200 miles. When he opened the trailer, the cat bolted and disappeared.

He tried looking for the cat, named Puss, but had to return to Scotland on Friday without her to tend to his farm in East Ayreshire. He subsequently posted an appeal on Facebook.

There has been a sighting of the black and white feline around the old viaduct but the animal is believed to be frightened and hungry.

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Helen McCallum, a volunteer at Harrogate Cat Rescue, told the Stray Ferret that she had asked staff at the showground to put a plan in place to catch the missing moggy.

She said she’s spoken to the farmer, who is “very worried” about Puss.

She added:

“It might be a mouser but I don’t know whether it knows how to hunt. It needs food.”

Have you seen Puss? Contact Helen on 07845 755405.

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