City council opens funding scheme to more Ripon organisations
Nov 7, 2022
Ripon Town Hall
Ripon City Council has opened up its partnership funding scheme to more groups and organisations

Community groups in Ripon are being invited to apply for funding up to a maximum of £3,500.

Ripon City Council has reviewed its partnership funding scheme to allow more organisations to apply for assistance covering an extended period, rather than making repeat annual applications via the council’s small grants scheme.

Funding will be approved for the council’s current term of office and will be subject to agreed outcomes defined in service level agreements and a regular review.

The partnership funding scheme will no longer be limited to those organisations who have previously benefited from it on a year-on-year basis.

Local not-for-profit, charitable and community organisation are invited to submit applications by November 30.

The partnership funding scheme, which was launched in 2016, was designed to provide core annual funding to a number of local organisations.

It has previously run alongside the small grants scheme, for which the council has regularly received repeat applications from other local groups and organisations that require additional funding to allow them to carry out their work.

The partnership funding scheme is designed to be a medium-term pledge of financial support to local organisations.

It is open for applications from any Ripon organisation which has charitable status or which runs as a not-for-profit, community organisation where membership is open (i.e. no discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, religion or sexuality).

Funding applications must clearly be of benefit to the people of Ripon as the scheme is funded by the precept money collected through the council tax levied on Ripon residents.

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