City mania hits Harrogate as hundreds queue to see trophies
Last updated Jan 24, 2024

Hundreds of mainly Manchester City fans flocked to Harrogate last night to see the Champions League, Premier League and FA Cup trophies.

Dozens of people queued in pouring rain on Forest Avenue for a chance to be pictured with the trophies at Starbeck Working Men’s Club.

The event was organised by Harrogate Blues, a Manchester City supporters’ club that organises buses to weekend matches at the Etihad Stadium. It picks up fans in Boroughbridge, Knaresborough, Harrogate and Leeds before heading to Manchester.

Even seasoned City fans who had seen the trophies displayed before were blown away by the turnout.

City fans (from left) Kev Butterworth, Tim Lund and Barry Johnson.


The queue to get in.

Starbeck was turned into a sea of sky blue as fans of all ages waited patiently for their moment.

City currently hold all three trophies plus the FIFA Club World Cup and the UEFA Super Cup. The supporters’ club had hoped all five would come to Harrogate, as reported by the Stray Ferret, but it turned out the missing two were in Abu Dhabi.

The trophies were wheeled in in cases by three stern-looking guys in jackets and set up in front of the stage and the bingo machine in the room at the back of the club.

One of the jacketed men said:

“It’s really important that you don’t touch the trophies. You can only touch them if you win them.”

They then fought to push the crowd back so there was room for people to take photos.

Queueing in the rain on Forest Avenue.

By now crowds were queueing on the street as local fans — and some who had travelled several hours — gazed at three of the most famous trophies in sport.

A smattering of non-City fans were there, including one young Manchester United fan whose red-shirted appearance in a front of the trophies led to a cry of ‘Zip up your jacket’. This was definitely a night for local City fans to savour.

The queue to get in…

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