Colourful mosaics brighten up Harrogate street
Feb 24, 2022

Nine colourful mosaics that spell out the word ‘Harrogate’ have been installed on a town centre street.

The mosaics, which were created by disabled artists at Harrogate charity Artizan International, are now on the side wall of the Boots building on Cambridge Place.

The idea came from Harrogate BID, which funded the project. It asked businesses and residents what they felt best symbolised the town.

The responses, which included Bettys, cycling, Yorkshire Tea and The Stray, were given to Douglas Thompson, who is a local mosaic artist and freelance creative at Artizan.

One of the mosaics

Harrogate BID chair Sara Ferguson said the mosaics have given the drab street a much-needed lift.

“Now in place, the mosaics look absolutely fantastic, and they have given the much-used passage between Cambridge Street and Oxford Street a real lift.

“This has been a fantastic partnership, the result of which is now bringing some much-needed colour to Cambridge Place at the same time as enhancing the area.”

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Susie Hart, founder of Artizan International said the artists enjoyed creating the mosaics:

“Our members and volunteers spent many hours creating each of the nine letters. They have taken great pride in their work, and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

“And each time they journey along Cambridge Place, they will have the satisfaction of knowing they have made these letters which are now adding a positive contribution to the town centre.”

Picture caption: BID Chair Sara Ferguson, sixth from left, Artizan International Founder Susie Hart MBE, fourth from right, and Douglas Thompson, third from right, pictured with Artizan International members and volunteers in front of their Harrogate letters.