Conservation trust seeks public’s views on district’s rivers
Last updated Jul 14, 2023
The River Nidd is one of seven rivers featured in the survey.

A river conservation trust has launched a survey asking for the public’s views on problems facing their local rivers.

The Dales to Vale River Network (DVRN) survey is made up of seven different questionnaires, each on a different river in North Yorkshire.

The aim is to discover what the public thinks are the main challenges facing rivers across the county.

The DVRN is a partnership of interest groups, farmers, and charities that all want to improve the biodiversity and water quality of local rivers, including those running through the Harrogate District such as the Nidd and the Ure.

Charlotte Simons, senior catchment partnerships manager for the DVRN explained why the survey was created:

“We’re keen to hear how people see the rivers, what issues they are concerned about and what improvements they would like to see within the seven catchment areas.”

“We want to have a strategic approach to projects that deliver benefits to the public, the rivers, and the ecosystems that depend on these watercourses.”

The trust created a similar survey for the same purpose in 2017. This is the first time that it will be held online where it hopes to reach more people and collect at least 100 responses per river catchment.

Ms Simons told the Stray Ferret that communities in catchments along the River Nidd and Ure have voiced numerous concerns about the health of the river.

Communities near the middle and lower Nidd are particularly worried about water quality and release of raw sewage. Many have also supported the removal of man-made barriers blocking the movement of fish along the river.

Along the River Ure, environmental organisations and locals want the trust to prioritise the issue of habitat removal and rising water temperatures.

Ms Simons is hopeful that this year’s survey results will help the DVRN decide its next steps to protect local rivers

She added:

“By working together with local communities and organisations rather than independently we can achieve so much more.”

The survey is open and will close on September 8. To find out more or take part in the survey click here.

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