Still no date when work will begin on closed road near Kex Gill
Last updated Mar 24, 2024
Barrie Mason and the cracked verge at Blubberhouses.

There is still no date for when work will begin to repair the landslip that led to the closure of the A59 at Blubberhouses.

The road, which is the main route between Harrogate and Skipton, closed suddenly on February 2 when a crack appeared on the verge.

The council has said wet weather caused the crack in the landslip-prone area.

However Alistair Young, whose house in Blubberhouses overlooks the closed section of road, has claimed previous landslips occurred about half a mile away at Kex Gill, where the council is working on a £68.8 million road realignment. Mr Young believes the council’s work on the Kex Gill realignment has caused the landslip.

The closed section of road at Blubberhouses.

Seven weeks on from the road being closed, repair work has yet to begin.

Barrie Mason, North Yorkshire Council’s assistant director highways and transportation, parking services, street scene, parks and grounds, gave an update in a video published on the council’s social media channels on Friday.

Mr Mason, who was filmed speaking on the closed road, said:

“We are working hard on a design solution involving sheet piles, which is where we put interlocking sheets of metal into the ground to stabilise the ground and stabilise the road.

“We are working hard to get that design finalised and programmed as soon as possible.

“As soon as possible we will be out on site and getting this road reopened.”

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