Demolition of four sinkhole-hit Ripon homes ready to begin
Last updated Feb 3, 2023
The block due for demolition is located on Skellgarths - a busy arterial route to and from Ripon city centre.

The demolition of a block of four empty Ripon homes affected by subsidence and sinkhole issues will begin shortly, taking up to seven weeks for completion.

The properties at 1, 3 and 5 Bedern Court and 17 Skellgarths were evacuated in October 2020 after being deemed unsafe for habitation.

Planning permission for their demolition was granted by Harrogate Borough Council in November.

Ashley Hutchinson, site manager for Dewsbury-based Hutchinson Demolition & Dismantling Ltd, told the Stray Ferret:

“The work will be carried out by a team of four using hand-held tools.”

“Following a fortnight of preparation, which has involved erection of scaffolding and putting fencing in place, we anticipate completion over the next six to seven weeks.”

Site warning signs at Bedern Court

Site safety signage is in place

Mr Hutchinson added:

“We will be using a cherry picker for the removal of roof tiles and they, along with bricks, timber and other materials will be removed from the site and recycled.”

Neighbouring residents have been contacted and advised that the demolition will be carried out Monday to Friday between the hours of 7.45am and 4.30pm

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