Double transplant Ripon woman urges people to donate organs
Sep 30, 2022
Claire Corps meeting former mayor Trevor Chapman at an event in Harrogate last year

Dr Claire Corps will be in Ripon city centre tomorrow talking to people about the importance of organ donation.

Dr Corps’ life has been saved twice thanks to organ donors. Aged 12, she received a kidney transplant after being diagnosed with renal failure.

Then at the age of 24 she suffered liver failure and was again saved with a transplant.

It’s currently Organ Donation Week and Dr Corps will be asking people to have a conversation with their next of kin to tell them their wishes for organ donation.

Although England now operates an opt-out system, whereby all adults are considered to have agreed to be an organ donor when they die unless they have recorded a decision not to donate or are in one of the excluded groups,  Dr Corps said many families still didn’t know what their loved ones would have wanted and many opportunities to save lives are missed.

Forty-two years on from her first organ donation, she’s grateful for the operations saving her life.

She said:

“We’re getting together and asking people to talk to their next of kin about their wishes.

“We’re losing a lot of organs and people are dying.”

You can register your organ donation decision here.

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