Former Ripon mayor’s book raises £6,300 for charity
Last updated Sep 30, 2022
Ripon donation to Breast Cancer UK
Thalie Martini, chief executive of Breast Cancer UK, is pictured with John Richmond and Mayor of Ripon, Councillor Sid Hawke

The importance of donations that support the work of Breast Cancer UK was emphasised in Ripon Town Hall last weekend.

Thalie Martini, the charity’s chief executive, made the 440-mile round trip from London on Saturday, to receive a cheque for £6,300 from Freeman of the City and former mayor John Richmond.

All proceeds from the sale of his book Beyond the Farm Gate, which was dedicated to his wife Barbara, who died of breast cancer in 2013, were donated to the charity.

Ms Martini, thanked Mr Richmond for his generosity and said:

“Our focus is on the prevention of breast cancer and this money will prove invaluable to our work.

“Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, but research has shown that more that 30 percent is preventable.”

In addition to the donation, Ms Martini was given a signed copy of the book.

Mr Richmond’s 280-page memoirs take the reader on a journey from his childhood and growing up on a farm at Dallowgill, to becoming a history-making mayor of Ripon in 1975-1976.

During that period, he became the only person to carry out the nightly hornblower ceremony of setting the watch. While in mayoral office he also went on to represent Ripon at USA bicentennial celebrations held in San Francisco and attended by the mayors of Ripon California and Ripon Wisconsin.

Beyond the Farm Gate was published as a limited edition in March and sold out within a month — including a consignment of 20 books bought by people living in California.

At Saturday’s presentation Mr Richmond said:

“Having sold the first 400 copies so quickly, I ordered a reprint which also proved in great demand.

“The initial intention was to raise £6,000, but I am thrilled that the amount for donation to Breast Cancer UK increased to £6,300.”

The presentation was attended by the Mayor of Ripon, Councillor Sid Hawke, members of Mr Richmond’s family and friends.

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