Fresh Mediterranean dishes a delight at Harrogate’s Oliveta


Last updated Apr 29, 2022
Diana, Bukurie, Kol and Elona.

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Bukurie Lleshi makes the food, her husband Kol serves and takes orders, and their daughters, Diana and Elona help at the weekend. It’s a simple recipe, but perfect for the wholesome home cooking found in Oliveta.

Recently opened on Station Parade in Harrogate, Oliveta is the quintessential family-owned restaurant. The care and passion behind the menu are clear as soon as you walk through the door.

Family home cooking

Bukurie dreamed of opening the restaurant in Harrogate ever since she moved from Albania. She creates traditional Albanian cuisine as well as other Mediterranean favourites and is always experimenting with new menu ideas.

Her daughters help out on a Friday and Saturday nights when things get busy – something mum and dad greatly appreciate.

Bukurie creates dishes and tests them out on the rest of the family, most recently the creamy mushroom chicken has been a hit and will be making its way onto menus soon.

Bukurie said:

“We always work as a family, and it makes me very proud that we all work here. It means I can get some good feedback when I want to try a new dish, as I just serve it at home, and I can tell how much they like it by how clean the plates are!”

The inspiration for the food comes not only from their native Albania but all around the Mediterranean, with dishes from Spain, Italy and Greece. Customer favourites like the Oliveta Chicken, Stuffed Bell Peppers and Burek are always popular.

The restaurant has gained quite the following with customers returning time and time again to enjoy new dishes or their regular favourites.

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