Green Party chooses man to fight Andrew Jones in Harrogate and Knaresborough
Last updated Sep 21, 2022
Paul Ko Ferrigno, Green Party.
Paul Ko Ferrigno

Harrogate and District Green Party is set to name Paul Ko Ferrigno as its prospective parliamentary candidate for the next general election.

Mr Ko Ferrigno was one of two people nominated but the other contender, Arnold Warneken, withdrew.

The party is holding an election hustings event tonight when Mr Ko Ferrigno will outline his vision.

Members will have the opportunity to ask questions before deciding whether to ratify his selection as PPC.

Tonight’s hustings, which is open to everyone, will take place at the Friends Meeting House on Queen Parade at 7.30pm.

The Friends Meeting House

It is hoped the process to select a candidate will be finalised before the Green Party autumn conference begins in Harrogate on September 30.

Mr Ko Ferrigno, 59, a scientist, told the Stray Ferret he had been a “passive supporter of the Green Party” for many years and a party member for two years.

Born in London, he lived in France for a decade from the age of 10 and has lived in Harrogate since 2007.

Mr Ko Ferrigno is a football referee, and has widespread volunteering experience as a coach for Pannal Ash Junior Football Club, a welfare officer on Harrogate and District Junior Football League and a governor at Oatlands Junior School in Harrogate.

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He said he wanted to see more taxis and fewer cars and greater support for cycling, including measures to encourage cycling couriers to replace vans. He said:

“Harrogate is seen as being the Bettys of the country. Let’s live up to that reputation by doing everything well.”

The Green Party did not field a candidate in Harrogate and Knaresborough in the 2019 general election, when Conservative Andrew Jones retained the seat with 53% of the vote.

Asked whether the Greens would consider stepping aside as part of a pact with other parties, Mr Ko Ferrigno said “it’s a conversation to be had” but added:

“I’m not one of those who think we need to get the Conservatives out at all costs. We need to elect the right candidate

“Having a Green in any conversation makes a difference. Recycling started as a Green Party conversation.

“What we will do by standing is shift the conversation. Even if I don’t get elected — and I hope I will — we will move the conversation.”