Harrogate artist hopes for gallery showcase as lockdown eases
Last updated Aug 25, 2020
Landscape artist Andrew Moodie

A Harrogate artist is hoping for further recognition for his work as galleries begin to reopen following lockdown.

Andrew Moodie was a lawyer for 30 years before he changed career paths to pursue his love for art.

During lockdown, he has enjoyed the additional free time to explore the local countryside and paint. He now hopes to build on his skills and find a gallery to work alongside.

Mr Moodie said:

“I was a lawyer for 30 years but never felt like the right thing to be doing. It paid the bills but it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I can now just head out into the sun instead of staring at it out of a window. I go out quite a lot to find somewhere to paint but it’s not as easy it sounds. You need local knowledge to find the best places.”

Art by Andrew Moodie

Andrew is often taking his easel around the district to paint.

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Over lockdown, Andrew has been able to take part in online classes to improve his skills within different art forms. Now, he is hoping to take the next step in his new career. He said:

“I hope to get more recognition and improve my skills. You need that recognition to get a spot in a gallery but hopefully that will come with time. Being a lawyer, I had to be direct and precise but now I can just splash the paint on the canvas which is always fun.”

He also featured on the previous series of Sky Arts “Landscape Artist of the Year”. His work is currently sold through online platforms Artfinder, in the UK, and Singulart, based in Paris.

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