Harrogate BID ‘investigating’ after free parking offer halted
Last updated Feb 10, 2024

Motorists vented their anger yesterday after they were charged for parking in Harrogate — despite being told it would be free.

Last month Harrogate Business Improvement District announced free parking on Saturdays at the multi-storey Victoria Car Park.

It said the offer would apply every Saturday from January 6 to February 10 to increase town centre footfall during a quiet period for businesses.

But drivers arrived at the multi-storey only to discover they had to pay.

They were greeted by a sign, which wasn’t attributed to anyone, saying:

“The free parking that was scheduled for today has now been cancelled. The promotion was issued by Harrogate BID.”

People took to social media to vent their displeasure.

One said “this doesn’t seem very fair” and another commented “what is the point in promoting an offer to remove it?”.

BID officials announcing the scheme last month.

Several questioned why there hadn’t been any announcement on social media about it.

The Stray Ferret contacted Matthew Chapman, the manager of Harrogate BID, who said he would investigate the matter.


He added the organisation, which is funded by a levy paid by town centre businesses, would “happily deal with enquiries” and urged people to email [email protected].

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