Harrogate could get county’s first tiger crossing to boost cycling
Mar 25, 2024
Plans for the tiger .crossing on Oatlands Drive

The first tiger crossing in the county could be built in Harrogate as part of new proposals to encourage cycling and walking.

North Yorkshire Council is consulting on plans to build crossing points on Oatlands Drive and Wetherby Road.

Under the plans, a tiger crossing would be built at the junction of Slingsby Walk and Oatlands Drive and a more traditional toucan crossing would be constructed at the junction of Slingsby Walk and Wetherby Road.

It is hoped having two crossings on Slingsby Walk will encourage more people to use the off-road route across the Stray.

The location of the proposed crossing on Wetherby Road.

The junction of Slingsby Walk and Wetherby Road.

Tiger crossings, also known as parallel crossings, consist of a zebra crossing with segregated zones for cyclists and pedestrians. They are named after similar crossings in Hong Kong that were painted yellow and black.

The one on Oatlands Drive would be sited on a raised table, which would make the crossing more visible and calm traffic. Other traffic calming measures, including a reduction in the speed limit on Oatlands Drive to 20mph, are also in the pipeline.

Both proposals involve the loss of Stray land, which the council would have to compensate for by giving up land elsewhere to become Stray land.

It’s preferred option is land immediately adjacent to the Stray and also to the proposed crossing on Wetherby Road.

The council had previously pledged to have both crossings constructed by the end of this month.

It shelved plans to introduce a one-way system on Oatlands Drive in 2021 after a backlash by residents.

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