Harrogate entrepreneur sets up website to boost local hospitality
Last updated Apr 1, 2021
Marina Prokoiosifi
Marina Prokoiosifi

A 20-year-old woman from Harrogate has set up a business giving restaurants a platform to make a website and take bookings without paying commission.

Marina Prokoiosifi moved to Harrogate 4 years ago from Greece and has worked in hospitality since.

During her years in various restaurants Marina said she became aware of the huge amounts businesses would spend using commission-based platforms for bookings and takeaway orders.

After losing her job in December, Marina spent time working with a developer to set up the website Dinerly.

The platform allows restaurants to build their own website to use for orders and table bookings. They then pay a subscription fee each month, ranging for £25 to £65 a month. Marina says this makes it much cheaper than using other websites.

She already has two Harrogate restaurants signed up, Taverna and Doe Bakehouse.

Marina has dreams of having a 1,000 restaurants signed up in five year times.

She said:

“I thought why not make something that is easy and sleek to use. It also means restaurants have direct contact with their customers. I was always baffled why businesses had to use the big companies and pay lots of commission.”

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Since setting it up Marina said she has faced some hurdles. She said her lack of formal qualifications and young age has meant some businesses have “questioned” what she has proposed.

She added:

“People don’t always take me seriously. It’s been difficult at times but it’s been a learning curve.”

Marina now has a new job at a branding agency but will continue to work on the website as her “side hussle”. She said she is very passionate and will continue to build the platform and encourage other restaurants to sign up.