Harrogate garage invests £40k in electric car servicing to undercut main dealers


Last updated Sep 24, 2021

This article is sponsored by GT Service.

GT Service Centre has invested £40,000 to make its garage the best in Harrogate for electric car servicing. GT Service guarantees to beat any quote from a main dealer by 50%.

The garage has all of the same mechanical and technical systems as the main dealers of electric vehicles. With special antistatic flooring, ramps, tools and diagnostic machines, the team can fix and service any brand of electric car – including BMW, Volkswagen, Audi and Jaguar Landrover.

Because it’s a local independent company, it’s able to keep its overheads lower than car dealership workshops.

Owner Tom Askey explains why many people wrongly believe they need to go to their car manufacturer’s garage:

“Lots of the main dealers use scare tactics to get you to go to them, but under European Commission rules your warranty is protected with us because we use all of the same parts, oils and equipment.”

Tom is also one of the first fully qualified level 4 diagnostic technicians in Harrogate. RAC, AA and car brand technicians are typically only trained to level 3 – so with GT Service, you’re getting degree-level expertise.

Working on electric vehicles can be dangerous. Work should be done by a qualified electric vehicle technician. Even work on tyres, breaks and suspension should be done by a specialist, because of high voltages.

Tom says:

“Knowing how to safely disable the electric system and get into the inner workings of the motor, cables and internal batteries is crucial if something isn’t working correctly. But because the cables run throughout the bottom of the car, if you don’t know what you’re doing, something usually basic like a tyre change becomes a specialist job.”

GT Service aims to be ahead of the game and offer drivers a competitive service as the motoring world is revolutionised and we all swap to electric vehicles over the coming decades.


For a quote on your electric or hybrid vehicle, contact GT Service Centre on 01423 623 366.


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