Harrogate hospital parking firm given five-year contract
Last updated Jan 23, 2024

Car parking company Parkingeye was given a five-year contract to operate Harrogate hospital’s car park, says the hospital trust.

The company was contracted to run the hospital’s new automated number plate recognition system car park in September 2023.

At the time, Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust said the ticketless system would help to reduce congestion on Lancaster Park Road.

However, since then, the hospital has been criticised for hiring management firm Parkingeye to operate the car park. 

The Stray Ferret has also received numerous letters and complaints that the company has issued unfair parking fines.

A Freedom of Information response from the hospital trust has revealed that the company was given no money as part of the contract as it receives all its income from parking fines.

Fees charged at the car park are kept by the trust itself.

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The request, which was sent by the Stray Ferret, also said that the contract with Parkingeye runs until October 2028.

The move comes as patients have questioned the hospital’s choice of provider.

Derek Sendrove told the Stray Ferret that he had been landed with a £70 parking fine after problems trying to pay for 45 minutes worth of parking in October 2023.

He and his wife, Zhanna, appealed the fine but was refused. The pair have since taken the decision to Parking On Private Land Appeals, the industry arbitrator.

Mr Sendrove questioned why the hospital chose Parkingeye to manage its car park.

However, a hospital spokesperson previously defended its decision to bring in the company.

They said:

“Parkingeye has extensive experience of working with NHS organisations and currently manages parking at over 30 NHS trusts and more than 680 healthcare sites. After careful consideration Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust chose Parkingeye to provide a car parking management service at Harrogate District Hospital.

“Since the introduction of the new camera controlled barrierless system at Harrogate District Hospital, congestion has significantly decreased on Lancaster Park Road due to the improved access into our car parks ensuring that visitors can get to their appointments on time and visit their loved ones.

“On occasion a parking charge notice may be issued to motorists who do not follow the parking rules which are displayed on the parking signage.

“A motorist has the opportunity to challenge the decision through Parkingeye’s appeal process. Parkingeye will consider the evidence and circumstances and if it is appropriate may cancel a parking ticket.

“Should the motorist still wish to contest the decision, they can contact Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA), an independent organisation that allows motorists to contest the decisions of parking operators by visiting https://www.popla.co.uk/. POPLA will look at both sides of the appeal, consider the evidence provided and ultimately decide to uphold or overturn the ruling made by the parking management company.”