Harrogate interior designers share their top spring trends
Last updated Mar 27, 2024

(Above: Farrow & Ball, Design Alchemy: Kevin Miyazaki, Walls: Setting Plaster No.231, Cabinets: Bamboozle No.304)

Spring has officially sprung, and if you’re looking to spruce up your living space this season, here’s what’s trending right now.

Earthier tones

This year has been a rise in the popularity of rich, natural browns, a trend that was recently seen at London Design Week 2024. These can help to bring warmth to a space and can be used in different shades throughout the home, such as through the choice of flooring, wall colour and soft furnishings.

Rebecca von Achten from Just So Interiors in Harrogate describes:

“Earthy colours like chocolate, clay and nutmeg add warmth and cosiness and this year are forecast to supersede paler neutrals.”

She also explained how colour drenching – painting walls, ceilings and woodwork all in the one colour – remains in vogue, and has replaced feature walls as a way to make a statement and impact in a room.

(Zoffany Paint, Raw Umber)

Rebecca Thomas, junior interior designer at Richard Grafton Interiors in Harrogate, details how the colour can be implemented in homes:

“Browns can be introduced gently using natural wood floors or tables, chocolatey-hued mohair throws, rich tortoiseshell accessories, as well as local artisan latte-toned ceramics while dark mahogany and walnut will bring warmth and richness to interiors, making the space feel cosy and elegant.”

(Richard Grafton Interiors)

Bright and bold colours

In total contrast, as well as there being a step away from neutrals – especially greys ­– in recent years, there has been a move towards colour.

(Richard Grafton Interiors)

Bright hues can add the wow-factor and the use of colour can be implemented through various schemes; whether its through statement key furniture pieces or simply with cushions that can be rotated as the seasons change.

Rebecca Thomas explained how the use through of colour in an interior space can lift your mood when needed, promote joyfulness and creativity but also sooth and calm. She went on to describe the colours that are standing out for Richard Grafton Interiors at the moment:

“Pinks, greens, reds and yellows are very much taking centre stage for the more daring of us. Being colour confident is not a trend that’s going ‘out’ anytime soon.

Go all out with maximalism

As well as this year being all about unconventional colour combinations, patterns and maximalist décor are also becoming big in the world of interiors. Rebecca von Achten explains:

“This spring we’re seeing a chintz revival with ‘Nancy Meyers’ style interiors, floral patterns, contrasting textiles and vintage pieces dominating the interior world. It’s all about surrounding yourself with things that spark joy and displaying them to look carefully curated.

(Farrow & Ball, Design Alchemy: Kevin Miyazaki, Walls: Setting Plaster No.231, Cabinets: Bamboozle No.304)

“Don’t worry if extravagant wallpaper, lavish wall art or floral sofas isn’t in the budget though; start small by adding checkerboard, gingham or striped patterns, ruffled cushions, scalloped edge accessories and a variety of vintage finds that evoke the feeling of nostalgia.”


(Richard Grafton Interiors)

There has also been a move away from angular square and rectangular furniture that can often look harsh in spaces, with homeowners looking more towards organic, softer contours for their pieces, even down to the finer details such as vases and display pieces. Rebecca Thomas elaborates:

“The more rounded silhouettes bring natural flow, complementing harsh architectural straight lines of the typical home. From puddle shaped relaxed dining tables, curved sofas to wavey cabinetry and bobbin handles, organic shapes continue to trend this spring.”

Don’t forget… peach is back

(Farrow & Ball, Walls: Setting Plaster No.231)

Pantone has declared its 2024 colour ‘peach fuzz’, a hue that’s aimed to evoke a sense of kindness and ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ to a space, and it also marks the 25th anniversary of the Pantone Colour of the Year.

And finally, your outside space…

(Susie Watson Design)

As the weather starts to warm up, there’s more and more opportunity to socialise outside, giving the perfect opportunity to dress the garden table for the occasion. Tracy Stark, head of retail at Susie Watson Designs in Harrogate says:

“At this time of year, I tend to favour the softer pastel colours at home and in the garden and am always thinking of pretty table arrangements such as our Fritillary pottery collection that’s perfect for spring entertaining.”

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