Harrogate man jailed for insulting magistrates
Last updated Nov 22, 2023
Samuel Hughes

A Harrogate man has been jailed for insulting magistrates and kicking court furniture.

Samuel Hughes, 46, of Swarcliffe Road, appeared at Harrogate Magistrates Court on Friday, November 17.

Hughes had previously been found guilty of assaulting a named woman in October 2021 — a charge he denied.

He received an 18-week suspended prison sentence in May last year, and was required to attend a building better relationships appointment in July this year.

But he failed to do so and when he returned to court last week, he was charged with “wilfully insulting the magistrates”, according to court records.

The records added he used “foul and abusive language to the bench upon sentence being pronounced”.

He also kicked court furniture and attempted to resist handcuffs being put on and was committed to jail for four weeks.

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