Harrogate photographers raise over £2,000 with lockdown family portraits


May 6, 2020
The Longdon family.

A group of Harrogate photographers has raised over £2,000 for the hospital with family portraits documenting life under coronavirus lockdown.

Stacey Evans set up The Doorstep Portrait Project just three weeks ago with five other photographers and she says it is really starting to take off.

They can cover families in Starbeck, Hookstone, Bilton, Jennyfields, Shaw Mills, Harlow Hill, Leeds Road, Goldsborough, and Knaresborough all in their daily exercise with social distancing at the forefront of their minds.

The Cooney Family.

It has been so popular that they have even had requests from as far away as Brighton, something they had to turn down.

“We are over the moon,” Stacey, who started photography as a hobby, told the Stray Ferret. “None of us could imagine it would take off so well.

“This started off with the idea of raising £500 but we have gone well above that now and hope to raise as much as we can for the hospital in Harrogate.

The Hunt family.

“I moved to Harrogate fairly recently so it has been a great way of getting to know my neighbours. It’s been so nice to talk to people and see their smiles.”

She says she got the idea from a photographer in America who got some negative publicity after breaking social distancing rules and trying to make a profit.

The Needle family.

Stacey wanted to turn it into something positive so she always keeps her distance and does not charge for the photos. Instead, they ask people to donate money to Harrogate Hospital & Community Charity to help those on the frontline.

At the time of writing The Doorstep Portrait Project has raised £2,280 for the hospital.

The Foster family.

Stacey J Evans Photography, Lianne Price Photography, Nicole Wilcox Photography, Sarah Warne Photography, Charlotte Hedgecock Photography & Rachael Fawcett Photography are all involved and bring their own styles to each photoshoot.

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