Harrogate RAF veteran receives 850 cards for 100th birthday
Apr 19, 2024
Stanley Clarke with his myriad of birthday cards.

A Harrogate RAF veteran was flooded with more than 850 cards for his recent 100th birthday.

A Facebook group dedicated to the RAF launched an appeal to send Stanley Clark, who lives in Harcourt Gardens Care Home, 100 cards for his milestone birthday.

However, after the post went global, he received more than eight times the anticipated amount – including one from King Charles III.

Mr Clarke, who joined the air force at just 16 as an electrical fitter in 1940, went on to become a servicing commando, RAF pilot and station commander. He served in North Africa and Europe before retiring in 1979.

The veteran woke up to birthday wishes from former service men and women from across America, Canada and Australia.

Mr Clarke said:

“I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who sent me these wonderful cards and gifts, this was totally unexpected and overwhelming but very much appreciated.”

He spent his centenary birthday enjoying afternoon tea alongside friends and family who had travelled from Australia and Canada.

Home manager at Harcourt Gardens, Adelina Pangilinan, also said:

“The cards just kept on coming, it was quite amazing.

“Nobody knew just how well the request would be received and it was absolutely wonderful to see the look on Stanley’s face when we delivered him the cards.

“It’s clear to see that Stanley, alongside all the other brave and admirable veterans are part of a very tight knit community and it’s wonderful see the support and admiration for him.”

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