Harrogate residents consider vehicle protest against developers
Last updated Aug 18, 2023
The modular building (left) in the middle of the heavily developed Kingsley ward.

Residents in part of Harrogate flooded by new homes may refuse to move their vehicles off the street tomorrow in protest.

A modular building that acted as a developer’s office and has stood derelict for years is due to be taken away by the company Portakabin.

A traffic management company has asked people on Kingsley Road to move any vehicles parked on the street so there is enough space for the building to be transported along the street from its location on Hawthorne Place.

But Kingsley Ward Action Group, which was set up to protect green spaces from development, said some residents are so angry about the number of new homes and the way developers have acted they are unwilling to comply.

A spokesman for the group said:

“I will park my car legally outside my own house but as that is opposite the post box there is no way this size vehicle will pass.

“As for the rest of the street I doubt the vehicle will even get to me there seems to be a fair bit of anger over this.

Will there be enough room for the modular building to be removed on Kingsley Road?

North Yorkshire Council has issued a traffic order preventing waiting and loading along one side of Kingsley Road from tomorrow until Friday.

But the spokesman said many residents were unclear exactly where they could park and what was legally permitted.

Some 600 homes are being built in the Kingsley Road area after a succession of planning applications were approved.

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North Yorkshire Council’s highways area manager for Harrogate, Melisa Burnham, said:

“We have worked with the traffic management contractor and Portakabin to ensure that any disruption during the removal of the building is kept to a minimum in terms of the location and duration of the temporary parking restrictions.

“The traffic management contractor has informed residents and we have been in close contact with the community to allay concerns and ensure they understand the minimal nature of the restrictions.

“In general terms, where temporary traffic regulation orders prohibit parking, contravention of an order can be enforced by parking services and obstructions of the highway by the police.”

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