Health officials warn of 12-hour waits at Harrogate hospital A&E


Last updated Apr 6, 2022
Harrogate District Hospital, Lancaster Park Road.

Health managers are warning of waiting times of up to 12 hours at Harrogate District Hospital’s emergency department.

West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts, which is a partnership of six hospital trusts including Harrogate, has urged patients to only attend the department for life-threatening injury or illness.

Hospital officials have warned that some patients are waiting as long as 12 hours for treatment.

Latest figures show that Harrogate District Hospital had 4,595 attendances to its emergency department in February 2022.

The national standard for emergency department waiting times is to admit, transfer or discharge 95% of patients within four hours.

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According to NHS England figures, 65% of patients were seen within that time at Harrogate hospital.

Dr Andrew Lockey, consultant physician in emergency medicine with Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust, which is one of the six trusts that belong to West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts, said: 

“It’s really important that people only come to an accident and emergency department if they really need to. Our hospitals are extremely busy, and people are having to wait a long time to be seen.

“Over the past two weeks we’ve faced huge challenges with the sharp uplift in the number of people attending accident and emergency. This places additional pressure on our teams who are responsible for treating patients with serious and life-threatening conditions.

“If you are unwell and are unsure which healthcare service you need, call NHS 111. A highly-trained clinical advisor will direct you to the most appropriate service.”

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