Height restrictor installed in Knaresborough car park
Last updated Sep 15, 2023
The height restrictor at Conyngham Hall car park.

A height restrictor costing £3,250 has been installed in the car park at Conyngham Hall in Knaresborough.

Motorhomes, campervans and caravans often park at the back of the car park overnight even though signs say this is prohibited.

About a dozen vehicles pitched up and stayed for three nights last month.

Cllr Matt Walker, a Liberal Democrat who represents Knaresborough West, said it was the largest encampment he was aware of and renewed his calls for North Yorkshire Council  to clampdown on overnight stays.

The council, which owns the large long-stay car park, has now responded — and pledged more changes to the site.

Last month’s encampment


The road leading to the back of the car park.

Steve Brown, the council’s head of parking services, said:

“We are committed to improving the security at Conyngham Hall car park and have recently installed a height restrictor to deter campervans, caravans and illegal encampments.

“During the winter months we will be installing a new pay machine to provide better service to the public as well as a CCTV camera which will provide additional security for the new machine.

“They will be in place for its reopening in the spring.”

Cllr Walker praised the council for responding quickly to his latest request for measures to prevent encampments in the car park.

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