Henshaws introduces parking charges
Feb 21, 2024

The social enterprise Henshaws has announced it is to introduce parking charges at its arts and crafts centre in Knaresborough.

Automatic number plate recognition cameras will be in place at the centre at Bond End from April 15.

Parking is currently free and people using the site sometimes struggle to find space as others use it for general car parking. Last year’s opening of the Knaresborough Inn has increased pressure on spaces.

Henshaws said in a statement the move was “a vital step towards ensuring the safety of our artmakers, visitors and staff”. It added:

“In recent months, the car park, which is for staff and those attending the centre, has become very busy and we want to ensure as safe environment as possible.

“As a charity, we have ensured that the charges when the car park is open to the public are reasonable.”

It will become the latest local organisation to introduce parking charges in recent years. Others include Yorkshire Water at its reservoirs, Ripley car park and the Inn at South Stainley.

Parking will be restricted to Henshaws staff and visitors all day only from Monday to Friday. Anyone else will be liable for parking charge notices.

It will cost £1 for an hour, £2 for three hours or £4 for all-day parking on Saturdays and Sundays from 6am to 10pm. Payment can be made by cash: card or mobile phone

There will be a time allowance during weekdays for taxis and support staff to drop-off and collect artmakers.

Anyone without valid parking could receive a £100 penalty charge notice, reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days.

Henshaws added:

“These charges are thoughtfully set to strike a balance between affordability and supporting ongoing initiatives at Henshaws Arts and Crafts Centre.

“We trust that these rates are reasonable and acceptable to our valued visitors.”

It added:

“All funds generated through parking charges will be reinvested into Henshaws Arts and Crafts Centre, ensuring a vibrant and enriching experience for our community members.”

Further details are available here.

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