Hoard of medieval treasure discovered in Harrogate set for auction
Last updated Sep 21, 2022
Jeff Warden and his two sons, who discovered the treasure.
Jeff Warden and his two sons, who discovered the treasure.

A hoard of medieval treasure found in a field of stubble near Harrogate is set to be auctioned.

Coins and a ring believed to date back to the 1470s were found by metal detecting enthusiast Jeff Warden, 65, and his sons Michael, 41, and 42-year-old Nick.

The family discovered the treasure in July 2020 during the first covid lockdown.

The discovery included a silver hammered penny, a silver groat or fourpence of Edward IV minted in Norwich and a gold ring, engraved with images of the Holy Trinity.

Nigel Mills, consultant at Noonans auctioneers, said the hoard dates to the War of the Roses and was likely to belong to a soldier from that time.

He said:

“The hoard dates to the late 1470s and was deposited during the Wars of the Roses, a conflict fought between the Lancastrians and the Yorkists lasting for 30 years from 1455 to 1487.”


“The hoard is very unusual, comprising 21 coins with a face value of two shillings and threepence together with the gold ring. It is likely that the hoard represents a soldier’s valuables who died in the Wars of the Roses.”

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The ring sold for £6,500 earlier this month, but the coins are set to be auctioned by Noonans on September 28.

The coins have a guide price of £260 to £340.

Proceeds from the sale will be split equally between the landowner and Warden family.

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