Hollywood star dines at new Harrogate restaurant
Jun 5, 2023
Danny Glover pictured at Efes Bar and Grill in Harrogate.

Star of Lethal Weapon movies, Danny Glover, enjoyed a meal at a Harrogate restaurant this weekend.

Staff at Efes Bar and Grill took a selfie with Hollywood actor when he ate there on Sunday.

Efes is a family-run Mediterranean restaurant that opened very recently on May 19 and has seen 5 star reviews on Google.

The actor was in town for Yorkshire Comic-Con where fans could get photos and signatures. He appeared alongside John Cleese and Gabriel Luna to fill out the star studded line up.

Glover is most famous for his portrayal of Roger Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon franchise. He has also starred in The Colour Purple and Predator 2. He is also known for his political activism, strongly opposing the Bush administration in America. In 2016 he received the Cuban medal of friendship.

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