How Harrogate became home to ‘skin tightening specialist of the North’
Last updated Oct 17, 2023
A Harrogate client without treatment and with treatment with the picture taken immediately after to show the transformative effects.

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A Harrogate clinic has taken the title of “skin-tightening specialist of the North” after launching a brand-new treatment not offered anywhere else in the UK. 

HIFU Clinics UK, which opened on Westmoreland Street this summer, is five-star rated on Google and has invested tens of thousands of pounds in state-of-the-art clinical equipment imported from the United States. It specialises in high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), and all its treatments are non-surgical. 

Its new HIFU Ultra Dual® therapy combines HIFU Ultra Med with radio frequency (RF) microneedling – sometimes known as Morpheus 8 – to produce what it says is the “ultimate skin-tightening treatment”. 

Michelle Clarke, director of HIFU Clinics UK.

Founder and director Michelle Clarke said: 

“HIFU is the latest and deepest-penetrating skin-tightening technology on the market. It’s particularly popular with women going through menopause, as that’s when a woman’s body starts to show its age at a faster rate, especially around the jawline, jowl and neck. 

“Most of our clients are between the ages of 40 and 70, and they prefer a more natural, rejuvenated look.

“Going under the knife can be painful, invasive, and it doesn’t even address skin quality. My approach is far more natural, and gives a fresher, brighter look.” 

Michelle has been in practice since 2011 and opened her first clinic in Wakefield in 2016. She is also a tutor and trains practioners from across the UK on how to deliver HIFU treatments. 

Before and after photos showing the effect of HIFU treatment on a client's neck following treatment at HIFU Clinics UK.

A Harrogate client who was delighted with the treatment and her experience.

Over the last 12 years, her reputation has grown and clients – some of them celebrities – now come to see her from as far afield as London and Scotland. 

A Harrogate resident (pictured above) who recently had HIFU treatment said she had a “wonderful experience” on her first visit, adding:

“One of the standout aspects of my visit was the exceptional customer service delivered by Michelle. She went above and beyond in explaining the procedure to me, ensuring I understood everything clearly.

“Her expertise and friendly manner put me at ease throughout the entire process.

“The results of the HIFU treatment were beyond my expectations, and I couldn’t be happier.

“I am truly grateful to Michelle for her professionalism and outstanding care. Thank you for making my HIFU treatment experience exceptional!”

Michelle said: 

“They make the journey because they trust us. This is new technology, so the equipment is improving rapidly, but we always make sure we keep up with ongoing clinical developments. My clients know we will always have the latest state-of-the-art clinical equipment, because we specialise in this. 

“This isn’t just another clinic – we’re the skin-tightening specialist of the North, and we offer something you just can’t get anywhere else.” 

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HIFU Clinics UK offers a personalised full skin assessment by appointment only.  

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