Keen sportsman seeks amputee padel players in Harrogate
Last updated Jun 9, 2023
Andrew Simister playing padel

A sports enthusiast is looking for the perfect partner to play padel with in Harrogate – with one particular requirement.

Andrew Simister has only recently tried the sport, but was immediately a fan after his first session at Surge in Harrogate.

However, because he lost his leg last year following an accident and now uses a prosthesis, he needs to find another amputee to join him on the court.

Mr Simister said:

“I tried padel a few weeks ago and I loved it, but I can’t play it unless there is someone to play against. My friends play it, my son plays it, but I can’t at the moment.

“It’s doubles, so I need at least one other amputee on the other team to make it fair.”

Mr Simister’s right leg was amputated above the knee after he was involved in a collision last February.

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The company director said he still has “good days and bad days” after the operation to remove his leg in March 2022, adding “on the whole, it’s good”.

He was previously a keen sportsman and has got back to doing as much as he can.

While he is no longer able to run – though is hoping he may be able to use a blade in future – he has a good level of fitness and hopes he can find someone of a similar level to play against.

He added:

“I would like some sort of competition – someone that’s going to be of a similar standard.

“I don’t suppose they have to be amputees, but some sort of disability that means they would be a good match for me.”

Anyone interested in playing padel with Mr Simister can find him on Instagram, or contact the Stray Ferret.