Kliniken’s pioneering stem cell procedure is a game-changer for knee pain


Last updated Jun 17, 2022
Patient Alan Cryer (left) with Kliniken owner Mr Mallappa Kolar (right).

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Kliniken, Harrogate’s state-of-the-art day surgery clinic, is pioneering new stem cell treatment for a pain-free life.

The clinic has introduced a ground-breaking procedure that uses stem cells to help heal osteoarthritis in the knee to avoid painful knee replacement surgery.

Kliniken is owned and run by Mr Mallappa Kolar, the UK’s leading surgeon on stem cells, and his wife Karuna, and they are delighted to be bringing the life-changing procedure to Yorkshire.

Expertise and experience

Mr Kolar’s expertise in stem cell treatments has helped him pioneer the procedure in a UK-first, aiding patients with often crippling, painful osteoarthritis.

His understanding of how fat stem cells injected into the knee can help those suffering from arthritis has meant he can provide a solution to those in need.

The procedure gives people a chance to lead pain-free lives that seemed previously out of reach.

He said:

“I feel privileged to be able to use my knowledge on fat stem cells to be able to help patients that are unable to live as active and mobile a life as they would love to, due to their arthritis, as the pain prevents this.“

The treatment avoids painful knee surgery.

How it works

Kliniken, is the only location within the UK to offer this specific type of stem cell procedure.

The procedure itself focuses on utilising fat and dental stem cells to aid regeneration within the area affected, through the use of targeted injections at the problem regions and joints.

This can help those suffering on the spectrum of pain. This can range from a mild ache all the way up to those who may be due to have knee replacements using metal, which is a far more invasive form of surgery.

Unlike other procedures available, this pioneering stem cell injection treatment means the body is healing the body, and it does not involve any metal insertion into the patient’s body.

Benefits and results

For those suffering from osteoarthritis, knee pain or perhaps struggling to keep up with hobbies like running or golf due to knee issues then stem cell treatment could be the right thing.

Unfortunately, knee replacements cannot be reversed and most younger people who have to get a replacement are more likely to need a revision later in life which is a major undertaking.

Mr Kolar added:

“Having travelled and worked in the United States and Europe over the years, where this procedure is popular due to its evident success, I am very excited to bring its benefits and results home with me.”

Alan Cryer and Mr Mallappa Kolar talking through the process.

Pain free and happy

64-year-old businessman Alan Cryer from Harrogate suffered from excruciating pain in both his knees. He said:

“I was told by the hospital that I would need two knee replacements in order to deal with the pain. At this point I was having to crawl up the stairs. The impact the pain was having on my life was huge.

“I did not want to go on like this, but I did not want metal knees, so I began to research – but struggled to find any alternatives within the UK.

“As fate would have it, Mallappa was right here in the UK, and on my doorstep too! After the surgery I had no pain whatsoever – I could literally have walked out of the theatre had I been allowed.”

Roughly a week after surgery Mr Cryer went look for his crutches and ended up walking the whole way through his house without them. He added:

“After two weeks walking, I did a walk I’ve done before and knew I’d normally be in pain so took a walking stick – which I didn’t need. By week three I was walking down slopes without any pain at all.

“I am now so confident, and even help my grandson off the floor when he falls! I could not be more grateful for the life I can now lead, pain free and happy.”

Alan has subsequently booked and undergone the same procedure for his other knee and is recovering well.

Please call us on 01423 206388 or visit our website at kliniken.co.uk for more information.

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