Knaresborough banking hub could open this year
Last updated Feb 4, 2022

Knaresborough’s banking hub could be open by the end of the year after a meeting last week put plans in motion.

The closure of the Halifax bank on Market Place last year left Knaresborough without a bank and just two ATMs, which often run out of cash.

In December, Knaresborough was picked to be one of five pilot areas for new shared banking hubs by the Access to Cash Action Group.

Under the scheme, a building in Knaresborough will provide help with general banking queries and more specific issues, such as power of attorney and opening accounts.

Representatives from various banks will work in the hub on a rotational basis. The hub itself will be fitted out by the Post Office.

Last week, representatives of the town including the mayor, Cllr Christine Willoughby, borough councillor Phil Ireland and Knaresborough Chamber of Trade and Commerce representative Charlotte Gale met with the action group to discuss what Knaresborough needs.

Businesses have said the town needs an additional ATM and for banks to be open later than usual business hours.

Ms Gale took these points forward to a meeting with the action group yesterday. She said:

“It’s been challenging for businesses with the pandemic but losing the last bank in Knaresborough was an additional stress. We need to manage expectations but the hub will definitely allow people to pay in and take out cash and get the advice they need.

“We’re still talking to locals about what they need, the managing groups wants to make sure the solution meets the needs of the town.”

A location for the bank is still yet to be decided. A number of empty high street units have been suggested including the former Fultons Foods unit on the high street

Fultons Knaresborough

The former Fultons Foods

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Cat Farrow, from the Access to Cash Action Group, said:

“We understand how important the new banking hub will be to Knaresborough and we’re working hard to make it happen as quickly as possible. The hub is fully funded and we’re actively exploring a number of possible sites.

“We’re confident that the banking hub will be open before the end of the year.”

To have a say on the services the banking hub offers, complete this survey.