Knaresborough restaurant plans to ‘shake things up’ on the high street
Last updated Jan 5, 2021
Owners of Two Brothers restaurants in Knaresborough
Owners of the Two Brother Grill and Pizzeria in Knaresborough. Nandor Ravasz (left), Vivien Kovacs (middle) and Szilard Ravasz (right).

An Italian restaurant in Knaresborough has put forward a planning application to move into prime high street premises.

Two Brothers Grill and Pizzeria is currently based in Castle Courtyard but the growing restaurant has its sights set on a new space.

The restaurant has been open almost three years and proved to be a popular spot for locals. It is hopeful its new spot will “shake things up” for them.

The Ravasz brothers, Nandor and Szilard, opened the restaurant with their wives Vivien Kovacs and Eniko Szenasi in March 2018.

The team said the current unit will not be left empty, but instead they plan to turn it into a high-end bar.

The new space is said to be better suited to a restaurant and will give the owners more storage space. The owners said it will be “cosy and elegant, and still family friendly”.

69 High Street, Knaresborough

The owners hope plans will be approved to allow them to start works on the new site, 69 High Street, straight away.

Nandor said:

“It will be the same people and menu, just a new space. We needed a bigger space and being on the high street is ideal.”

If the planning application is approved by Harrogate Borough Council, work will start immediately on the new building.

Mr Ravasz said plans are constantly changing due to restrictions but if everything stays on track he hopes to have the new place open at the end of spring.

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Following last night’s lockdown announcement, the restaurant will continue to run as a takeaway. Mrs Ravasz added:

“We prefer the restaurant of course, but we are grateful to have an option B and the town is behind us. So many businesses haven’t got an option B so I can’t complain – we’re lucky to have business through the takeaway.”

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