Lockdown 2.0: Six tips on how to stay happy
Last updated Nov 24, 2020

Once was hard enough, but twice feels pretty bleak. And, this time we’re doing it as we enter the darker and colder winter days.

It will be a challenging month for everyone; whether it’s being separated from loved ones, worrying about older relatives or closing your business once again… It’s an uncertain time, and for some this can really impair mental health.

Judith Williams, Director of Complete Life Coaching, Harrogate.

So I have turned to Harrogate life coach, Judith Willliams, Director of Complete life coaching to get some tips on how we can  keep happy and healthy during lockdown

‘With the announcement of a further national lockdown, the country is now facing more separation, stress and concern for their own safety and that of their loved ones. During lockdown the importance of connecting was clear. But with the nights drawing in and the weather changing, how can we stay positive and connected?’
  1. ROUTINE–  Make sure you have one.. Whether you are working from home or not, it is really important to have some routine in your life. Focus on healthy lifestyle habits (diet, exercise, sleep)
  2. STAY CONNECTED– Schedule regular times to connect (preferable via video chat). We are actually less likely to reach out when we are feeling low, so commitments to people help us avoid isolating ourselves.
  3. GET CREATIVE – This is an opportunity to spend time creating Christmas gifts that are meaningful. Things like personalised playlists (or mixtapes as they were known), photo books or a homemade knitted scarf. It’s a great way to spend time and keep loved ones in mind. It can also help to keep costs down when finances may be stretched.
  4. SPREAD SOME LOVE– This year spend time personalising your greetings cards. We are so much more aware of how important the people in our lives are to us, tell them why.
  5. VOLUNTEER– There was a huge feeling of togetherness in the first lockdown, in which thousands of people signed up to volunteer. This may be needed again and is a fantastic way to spend your time and improve your mood.
  6. ZOOM- QUIZ  Bring back the Zoom quiz. So many did it the first time around and it brightened a lot of peoples weeks.

During the last lockdown we had the weather on our side, which really helped. Days were warm and the sun shone which meant people took to gardening, enjoyed BBQ’s and did plenty of walking… I actually got to the point where I was having a little competition with myself on how many steps I could do in a day..

This time around we are faced with shorter colder days now, which means outdoor activities arent so fun… BUT we adapted last time and we can do the same again…I think it is really important to plan little events and milestones, both things to look forward to when restrictions lift, and also little things within lockdown… So maybe a bake-off with your family, a zoom fitness class, getting your house ready for Christmas or even just making a note of the release date of a Netflix drama you are looking forward to..

Harrogate has the most amazing community spirit so let’s look our for each other, stay safe and get through lockdown 2 together.

If you have anything lifestyle related that you would like me to cover please get in touch- ami@thestrayferret.co.uk.








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