Long queues in Harrogate as roadworks begin to bite
Last updated Oct 3, 2023
The lane closure on Ripon Road this morning.

There were long queues on the roads into Harrogate this morning as a seven-week programme of roadworks got underway.

Four-way traffic lights and lane closures at the junction of Parliament Street and Crescent Road caused the main blockage.

Traffic heading into town on Ripon Road and vehicles heading in the opposite direction on Parliament Street were caught up in the disruption.

On Ripon Road, traffic backed up all the way to New Park roundabout and beyond, with queues almost as far back as Killinghall. Skipton Road was also even busier than usual.

Traffic approaching New Park roundabout this morning.

Here’s what motorists can expect in the weeks ahead.

Crescent Road lane closure and traffic lights 

A lane closure will be introduced on Crescent Road and Ripon Road along with four-way lights at the junction of Crescent Road, Parliament Street, Ripon Road and Kings Road for two weeks. The existing lights will be bagged, and temporary traffic lights will be in operation from 7am to 7pm.

Montpellier Road (roundabout) & Montpellier Hill Lane closure

A lane closure will be implemented on Montpellier Road (roundabout) and Montpellier Hill Lane for two weeks.

Cold Bath Road traffic lights and parking suspensions

Multiple two and three-way lights will be introduced on Cold Bath Road for five weeks starting from Monday.

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Wellington Square Road closure

A road closure will be implemented on Wellington Square for two weeks.

Northern Gas Networks saud traffic lights will be manned seven days a week between 7am and 7pm “to ensure a smooth flow of traffic”.

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