Meet the team at Harrogate’s new hair salon
Last updated May 18, 2022

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Allertons has built an incredible team of highly qualified stylists since opening in Harrogate just six weeks ago. The team is here to help people in Harrogate achieve their dream hair.

Allertons has just celebrated eight years in business and has two salons in Leeds, one in Nottingham and another in Harrogate.

The company’s owner Nicholas Nicola is hugely proud of everything his staff has achieved including being Leeds’ highest rated salon, with plenty of five star ratings on Google.

Nicholas lives in North Leeds and has always enjoyed visiting Harrogate. So when a unit became available on Montpellier Street he knew it would make the perfect addition to the Allertons family.

Following a £60,000 refurbishment the salon opened with a team of four and with further plans to transform the two upper floors the team is eager to continue building its reputation.

Lauren Wood, hair stylist

What is your speciality?

“I specialise in most things including colour, extensions and blow-drying. A bit of an all-rounder.”

How does Allertons enable you to give your best? 

“We get a lot of support from Nick and everyone in the team, there’s a lot of training opportunities too. We are also kept up-to-date on what is going on so there’s never any surprises.”

Who is your celebrity hair crush?

“Definitely Hailey Bieber, she’s just spot on every time and I love that sometimes she can surprise you.”

Jess Hewitt, hair stylist

What is your speciality?

“Definitely say I prefer colour, it’s a little bit more enjoyable transforming someone’s hair. I really like it when someone comes to me for a complete change in style.”

Why do you enjoy working for Allertons?

“It’s the team, we all get on really well. It just feels good coming to work and getting on with everyone. Plus the simple things like being paid on time just makes the experience that bit better. We just all really support each other.”

How does Allertons enable you to give your best? 

“It’s opened my eyes to new careers, so I’ve thought about going down the hair education route. All the courses we get sent on just help us develop into the stylist we want to be.”

How does a consultation work?

“Normally someone comes to us with a picture and we can talk through the process of getting to that point. Unfortunately there are times when the client’s hair type might not suit the hair they want but I’ll always give advice and other inspirations.

“I also want to make sure the client can maintain their hair, so if someone can’t make it to use every six weeks I wouldn’t suggest bleach blonde. It’s about making sure the client gets the hair they want without spending hours a day making it look fabulous.”

Francis Emechette, national educator

What is your speciality?

“Precision cutting and training.”

How does Allertons enable you to give your best? 

“My position at Allertons allows me to utilise my skills and work on my passion whilst passing my experience on to the rest of the team.”

What is your favourite hair era? 

“An Eaton Crop wonderfully modelled by Charlize Theron and Tilda Swindon also there’s a style called Wolf Cut which gives more volume at the root and front of the head. Then celebrities like Billie Eilish have brought the Japanese Anime style back into the mainstream.”

Robyn Mackin, apprentice

What is your speciality?

“I’m really enjoying the colouring aspects of hairdressing, learning techniques and developing my skills. Especially highlighting hair.”

Why do you enjoy working for Allertons?

“I love the area where Allertons is, I’m from Harrogate so it’s really nice to work where I’ve grown up. Our clientele are lovely and always come in with smiles on their faces so it makes my job even more positive.”

How does Allertons enable you to give your best? 

“Allertons are so supportive with my training with in house training every week and they send me on courses to develop my skills regularly which enables me to reach my goals of becoming a really good hairdresser.”

The salon is currently offering up to three free appointments as part of its eighth anniversary celebrations. To find out more click here.

Allertons Harrogate has plans to expand to 15 staff once all the refurbishments are complete. The renovations are set to get underway by summer and will include beauty rooms offering facials, massage, manicures and pedicures.

The salon is currently looking to hire a full time salon manager and hair stylist and two part time hair stylists.

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