Metal fences to remain in Harrogate’s Crescent Gardens until next year
Nov 8, 2023
The fencing in Crescent Gardens.

The metal fencing around the pavilion in Harrogate‘s Crescent Gardens will remain in place until the new year, North Yorkshire Council has confirmed.

The fencing was erected last month as a “temporary measure” to prevent a group of rough sleepers from occupying the building.

The group, which inhabited the pavilion for two weeks in September, returned twice after being dispersed by officials.

A spokesperson for the council told the Stray Ferret this morning:

“The fencing is a temporary measure, but will remain in place until the new year as a result of the Christmas ice rink going into the gardens this month.”

The ice rink, which was put up on Crescent Gardens for the first time last year, is part of a three-year Christmas activity licence introduced by the former Harrogate Borough Council.

In a report at the time, Kirsty Stewart, the council’s grounds and maintenance manager, said the festive licence “will generate a minimum income of £37,500 per year”.

A rose arch has been erected as part of the Crescent Gardens revamp.

This has helped to fund a £21,000 revamp of Crescent Gardens.

Last year, the pavilion was used as a makeshift boot room for ice skaters, however its use this year is uncertain following the recent update.

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