Missing cat from Lancashire found in Harrogate
Last updated Sep 23, 2022
Bea the cat

A missing cat has been reunited with its owner after somehow making its way all the way to Harrogate from Lancashire.

The mog, called Bea, was found frightened by the side of a busy road in the town centre.

A couple took her to Harrogate New Park Vets4Pets to check if she was microchipped.

Vet Fernando Smit Cordeiro was locking up the practice and rushing to go to a fitness class when Bea arrived.

Her scanned her and was relieved to find the crucial microchip, so he was able to track down the pet’s owner.

He said:

“I picked up the phone and called. After the courtesy greetings I asked, ‘is Bea missing?’ And the gentleman replied, ‘yes’!

“Bea’s dad was relieved and surprised that she was found almost two hours drive away from home”.

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The owners drove over from Lancashire later that evening to collect their pet. They suspected Bea snuck into a delivery van and hitchhiked her way to Harrogate.

Mr Cordeiro added:

“It’s always wonderful to reunite stray or lost pets with their worried parents.”

The vet urged cat owners to get their cat microchipped if they haven’t already. It’s currently not compulsory but the law is set to change soon.

Under the new plans, all cat owners must ensure their pet is microchipped before they reach 20 weeks. Owners found not to have microchipped their cat will have 21 days to have one implanted or may face a fine of up to £500.

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