More homes set to be added to 600-home Knaresborough scheme
Sep 8, 2021
A computer generated image of one of the proposed homes.

House builder Taylor Wimpey looks set to be granted permission to include another 23 properties in the 600-home Manse Farm development in Knaresborough.

A Harrogate Borough Council report recommends the council’s planning committee approves two variations to the original planning permission, which allowed 600 homes to be built.

The first variation is to increase the number of homes number by 23. The second variation is for the developer to change the road layout to its nearby 400-home Highfield Farm development, which is yet to be granted planning permission.

In total, over 1,000 homes could eventually be built to the east of Knaresborough off the A59.

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The council report recommends councillors approve the application to improve access between the Manse Farm and Highfield Farm developments.

It says:

“Without such a condition there is a risk that the links would not be provided, leaving the residents of the Highfield Farm development isolated from the proposed facilities on Manse Farm and forced to use the A59 as the sole point of access.”

Goldsborough and Flaxby Parish Council objected to the proposal, saying the development needed fewer homes rather than more.

It said:

“The original overall total 1,002 approved houses on the east side of Knaresborough, at the Manse Farm and the neighbouring Highfield Farm developments, was already excessive and inappropriate.

“Taking this total up to 1,027 is therefore not supported. Reductions in housing in these developments should be taking place, not increases, in order to make the developments a more rewarding living environment.”

The council’s planning committee will meet next Tuesday to consider the application.